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ARMF Sherman M4_200x133.jpg

Of all the tanks that saw service in World War 2, the Medium Tank M4 (or Sherman I to the British) was probably the most important, and certainly the most widely produced, of all tanks to ...

ARMF Jagdpanther_200x115.jpg

The JagdPanther was one of the finest tank destroyers of the war. Based upon the chassis of the formidable Panther tank but mounting the 88mm Pak 43/3  L71 gun. It was also well armo...


The Panzerkampfwagen III, which was known more commonly as the Panzer III, was developed during the 1930s and used extensively in World War II. It was originally designed to fight other a...


Tank Destroyers were specialized units designed to engage and destroy enemy armour, opening the way for Allied tanks to exploit the gaps. During WW II, tanks did not have sufficient firep...

ARMF T34-76_200x101.jpg

The Russian T34 medium tank was one of the most significant tank designs of the war. It was instrumental in turning the tide of the war for the Russians. Some consider the T34 to be the b...


The Achilles was the British version of the M10 Tank Destroyer. A number of M10s were supplied to Britain in 1944 where they acquired the name: “3in SP, Wolverine”. Many of th...


In response to the German Panzer IV armed with the long barrelled 75mm gun and the Tiger with the 88mm gun, the Soviets increased the T34’s frontal armour and up-gunned it with the ...


Battle experience showed that, whilst when it first saw combat, the Sherman's 75 mm gun, inherited from the M3, could kill any German tank then in service at normal combat ranges, the fai...


The Cromwell was the most important British built cruiser tank of WW2. It was second only in importance to the Churchill as the prime British tank in 21st Army Group. It was the first Bri...


The M4A3, standardised in January 1942 adopted the new Ford GAA V8 tank engine specially developed for this vehicle. The M4A3 is arguably the single most important version of the Sherman ...