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Carcassonne Big Box 5_200x161.jpg

The full Carcassonne Experience! The Base game, 4 expansions, and much more in one box! Whether you’re a huge Carcassonne fan or experiencing this award-winning game for the first...

Inns and  Cathedrals_144x200.jpg

In this first expansion for Carcassonne, you will have the opportunity of building imposing cathedrals that increase the value of your cities. Inns along your roads will double the value o...

Traders and Builders_144x200.jpg

This second expansion to the worldwide gaming phenomenon Carcassonne adds a new dimension to the experience. Eager traders are engaged in a fierce competition to acquire the cities&rs...

Princess and the Dragon_143x200.jpg

Fantasy is introduced into the land of Carcassonne with this third expansion.  An imposing dragon is flying over Carcassonne and its surroundings, scaring followers away. Heroes an...

Abbey and Mayor_146x200.jpg

This fifth expansion for Carcassonne gives players new options to increase their influence across the land. Traveling merchants show their wares in every city and abbey. Some cities have ...

Bridges Castles and Bazaars_146x200.jpg

This eighth expansion for Carcassonne gives players new options to acquire tiles and extend roads. Engineers continue roads over fields with the help of tall bridges. Building long roads ...

Hills and Sheep_143x200.jpg

In this 9 th  expansion for Carcassonne you will discover: Sheep, Hills & Vineyards! With your shepherd, try your luck at sheep herding and you might just see a whole flock gat...

Carcassonne South Seas_140x200.jpg

South Seas - Clear blue waters flow effortlessly around seemingly countless islands all connected by a sophisticated network of bridges. It is here that the busy people who inhabit th...