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Relive the exciting Catanian Legend! Become a clan leader whose adventures take place roughly 70 years after the arrival of the the first settlers. The Catanians have settled large regions...

Catan 5-6 Explorers and Pirates_200x200.jpeg

Now 5 to 6 players can explore Catan’s wild, unknown seas in search of fish, spices, or rich new lands for settlement! This Catan: Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player Extension&tra...


Players are recent immigrants to the newly populated island of Catan. Expand your colony through the building of settlements, roads, and villages by harvesting commodities from the land a...


Whether you’re on the train, in the ski lodge or picnicking in the woods: This compact edition lets you take Catan  everywhere!  The space-saving box unfolds to reveal t...

Catan Seafearers_200x200.jpeg

Expand your The Settlers of Catan® game in new directions, add islands, pirates, gold, ships, and trade. Explore and colonize the newly populated Archipelago of Catan. Build settlem...


The Catan: Cities and Knights Expansion Replacement Card Deck™ is a set of expansion game cards for use with Catan: Cities & Knights®, the expansion for The Settlers of Cat...

Catan Cities and knights_200x200.jpeg

Dark clouds are gathering over the peaceful island of Catan. Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of Catan, sailed to attack the country. Fortunately, warning has given Catan time to m...


Space ... The final frontier ... Star Trek Catan combines the adventures of the legendary starship with those of the settlers of Catan. The challenge is to settle a world that has never...


The Era of Intrigue Determine Catan’s spiritual balance! A Religious Dispute causes both players to lose cards. Churches and Temples minimize losses. Temple cards strengthen your ...

Catan Traders and Barberians_200x200.jpeg

Delve deep into Catan! In Catan: Traders & Barbarians™ you'll find lots of cool new ways to explore Klaus Teuber's award-winning game series. You can now play with just 2 players...