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D&D Attack Wing

Product List

DDAW Starter Set_200x200.jpg

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing is a Dungeons and Dragons miniatures strategy game of quick-moving tactical fantasy combat set in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms universe. Pla...

DDAW Green Dragon_200x200.jpg

Claugiyliamatar, a powerful Green Dragon, has ruled her forest for centuries. Every beast and shrub in this forest bows to her command. Her poisonous breath is matched only by her derisive...

DDAW Silver Dragon_178x200.jpg

The silver dragon Vakka is one of the most ancient of her kind. Her strength and resilience are legendary, as are the power of her bitter cold breath and her debilitating paralysis breath....

DDAW Harpy_131x200.jpg

Sycorax is revered as a queen among her wretched kind. Equipped with a deadly bow, a monstrous aim, and an insidiously captivating song, she is a foe whose reputation for cruelty is known ...

DDAW Wyvern_149x200.jpg

The local villagers have learned to steer clear of the cavernous lair of Blackthorn, the most vicious wyvern in northern Faerun. Ferocious, alert, and with a tail stinger full of venom, Bl...

DDAW Gold Dragon_132x200.jpg

Pacatus the gold dragon has always been slow to anger, and feels an abundance of mercy for both his allies and his foes. He is likely to issue fair warning to his enemies before engaging t...

DDAW Stone Giant_130x200.jpg

Stone giants are known for their mastery at hurling massive rocks across mighty distances, and Ancoram the stone giant elder is no exception. His deft hands can launch rocks at his foes wi...

DDAW Gargoyle_118x200.jpg

Malebolge is a creature of living stone, a gargoyle with powerful claws and jagged stone teeth. But his true strength lies in his durability, his ability to withstand massive punishment es...

DDAW Drow Ranger_125x200.jpg

Drizzt Do’Urden is a drow ranger who has embarked on countless adventures over the years. A master of two-weapon combat, Drizzt wields two scimitars, Twinkly and Icingdeath, with rem...

DDAW Red Dracolich_174x200.jpg

A red dragon may be one of the creatures most feared by the lesser folk in Faerûn, but even the mightiest of the mighty fear what such a creature might become through the rituals of ...