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Dust Tactics

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After fighting in many intense close-quarter situations, the soldiers of the SSU have become experts at this type of combat. Well-known for their ability to craft makeshift weapons like Mol...

Dust USMC Heavy Weapons Teams_200x148.jpg

In the alternate-reality 1940s of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare , the United States Marine Corps have come to value the ability to move quickly over terrain, and a small team carrying h...

Dust P-48 Pelican_200x133.jpg

The Allies have been hard at work developing a means to meet the threat of Axis jets, and they've found their answer: the P-48 . The P-48 Pelican is capable of taking off with a very sh...

Dust BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapons Platform_200x146.jpg

The SSU is always working to find ways to support their tremendously effective infantry with more firepower. The BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform has proven an inexpensive and potent...