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At Tactics, you’ll find Perth’s widest range of unique, rare and collectable models and miniatures. From functional gaming miniatures - such as Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons – to models from books and films, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in the basement of Perth’s London Court. Whether you’re a collector, a gamer or just looking for the perfect gift, Tactics will not disappoint.

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The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth.Humanity is finished but the struggle continues. Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth? Now, you take charge! Cthulhu Wars is...


A brand new map. Includes a 40×20 inch double-sided map, 13 new glacier figures, and all rules needed.


Three new monster types that anyone can summon. Includes 4 moonbeasts, 3 gnorri, and 2 shantaks.


The Sleeper expansion, with 18 miniatures and all else needed to add this faction to your game.


Warfare is an inescapable part of the  Star Wars  universe, from the Rebel Alliance’s defeat in the Battle of Hoth to a few elite Rebel strike teams taking on a legion of s...


The howl of a 74-Z Speeder Bike racing past is not something that’s easily forgotten. The Empire commonly uses these speeder bikes for scouting and reconnaissance missions, but they ...


The power of the Empire is visible on any subjugated world—few images are more representative of Imperial power than the shining white armor of a Stormtrooper or the rumble of a w...


The Rebel Alliance is constantly outgunned in their war against the Empire. Since they cannot hope to match the awe-inspiring military production of a galaxy-spanning Empire, the Rebellion...


When the Rebel Alliance first landed on Hoth, they found a cold and inhospitable planet—ill-suited to supporting life of any kind, much less hosting the secret base of a full-scale r...


No image is more iconic and symbolic of the Empire’s power than the expressionless helmet of an Imperial Stormtrooper. These soldiers have been deployed on hundreds of worlds across ...