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At Tactics, you’ll find Perth’s widest range of unique, rare and collectable models and miniatures. From functional gaming miniatures - such as Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons – to models from books and films, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in the basement of Perth’s London Court. Whether you’re a collector, a gamer or just looking for the perfect gift, Tactics will not disappoint.

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152 page A4 full colour perfect bound rulebook for Dropzone Commander. Contents include: Core Rules : All the rules you need to play. Background : Rich and detailed setting for t...


Charge of the Celtic Horse! Inside the pack are 11 sprues - enough to create 12 cavalry figures with options for both light and heavy (chainmail armored) cavalry. Figures are multi-part h...


This Field of Glory set gives you 3 hard plastic multi-part Chariots to outfit your Gallic and Ancient British Celts! Included are: * 3 chariots (2 side-rail designs) * 6 multi-part hor...


12 Multi-part Cavalry Figures.


The Clone Wars Map Pack: Showdown at Teth Palace - featuring exclusive Asajj Ventress Separatist Assassin!


Expand your galaxy with an exclusive map featuring a pivotal battleground and location from The Clone Wars era. Collect two exciting miniatures, including one exclusive! Pick a side, cho...


The Army Transport Motor Pool features two front pockets for storing dice, pens etc.. and a larger zippered pocket for rulebooks. The mesh pocket on the outside is an added conven...


All hands on deck for the second expansion to the War at Sea naval miniatures game. Flank Speed   contains 40 authentically detailed miniatures that war gamers, WWII enthusiasts,...


Get ready for the new Axis and Allies Miniatures Early War 1939-1941 expansion. This set contains 50 pre-painted soldiers and vehicles that fought in the opening battles of WWII from 1...


The Beastmen are the true Children of Chaos, bestial and savage hybrids that infest the dark, loathsome places of the Old World. Theirs is a legacy of hatred against the races of men and...