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New Releases

Tactics brings the latest releases to Western Australia. From Warhammer to Wizards of the Coast, you’ll find all the latest models, figurines and accessories right here at Tactics – Perth’s best gaming superstore.

Why choose Tactics over internet retailers? At Tactics, we promote active gaming culture. We provide information, accessories and activities for the gaming community. When you buy from Tactics, you get more than just a product – and you save on postage, too!

Product List


This set contains 268 durable, laminated cards for a range of deadly monsters of challenge rating 6-16. With game statistics on one side and evocative art on the other, they are the perfec...


The Depths of Yoth  is the fifth Mythos Pack in  The Forgotten Age  cycle for  Arkham Horror: The Card Game . Following the events of  The City of Archives , y...


Roam Across Rhovanion  is the second Adventure Pack in the Ered Mithrin cycle for  The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game .  After venturing deep into the Grey Mountains a...


Underhand of the Emperor  contains 78 new cards (three copies of 25 different cards and 1 copy of each of 3 different cards .) Underhand of the Empire expands on classic themes of th...


The Darkroot is a lush but foreboding region of Dark Souls . Scarecrows, giant stone warriors, and the very plants of the forest stand sentinel to hinder any heroes foolish enough to br...


As you pace the halls and corridors of the Undead Asylum it can be found to be a lonely and quiet place, moribund and uninviting. Here dwells a demon capable of lethal rage, its mind still...