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Rev Leopard 2A6_200x125.jpg

Since its introduction in 1979 the Leopard 2 battle tank, not infrequently regarded as the best in the world, has been continually modernised and adapted. The current version, the Leopard...

Rev M1 Abrams_200x120.jpg

The M 1 A1 (Heavy Armor) Abrams is currently the most-up-to-date standard American tank. The front turret armour incorporates depleted uranium and the breaker plates on the turret are equ...

Rev Leclerc_200x122.jpg

This vehicle that was originally developed by the engineering works at Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX) under the designation Engin Principal de Combat (EPC) and known from 1985 as the Leclerc, ...

Rev Merkava_200x116.jpg

In the spring of 1989 the first Merkava Mk. III was handed over to the Commander of the 188th brigade of the IDF (Israel Defence Force) in an official ceremony on the Golan Heights. This ...

Rev Challenger I_200x112.jpg

The Challenger 1 battle tank was introduced in the British Army in 1983. It has a 120 mm cannon and armour specially developed for this tank that offers outstanding protection in battle. ...

Rev T90_200x110.jpg

The T-90 is the most up-to-date battle tank in the Russian army. The 125 mm smooth bore cannon fires classical types of ammunition as well as guided missiles. The T-90 which has been prod...

Rev M48_200x117.jpg

The US M48 Main Battle Tank with a 90 mm gun, initially in the A1 version then later in larger numbers as the A2 - formed part of the initial battle equipment of the German Armed Forces. ...

Rev Tiger II_200x130.jpg

The Tiger II, unofficially known as the King Tiger, developed in 1943, was produced by Henschel from 1944 onwards. The King Tiger combined the requirements for armoured protection and fir...