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Thomas Gunn

Product List


GW068B The Tailor: A German version of our tailor, limited to 100 in number 


GW068A The Tailor: An Allied soldier carries out some field repair maintenance on his clothing, comes complete with OXO sewing tin and pencil behind ear! Limited to 100 in number


GW067B The Tinker: A German version of our Tinker


GW067A The Tinker An Allied soldier repairs some pots and pans behind the lines. A unique set with lots of accessories


GW066B George Lambert was an Australian War Artist originally from Russia, but who emigrated to Australia in the late 19th century. He produced several notable works including the charge ...


GW066A Muirhead Bone was a Scotsman who was the first official British war artist appointed by the War Office to capture life in France with his pen and paper. He produced some 150 Lithog...


GW065B The Orderly: A German version of GW065 that will look great in an airfield or camp setting. Limited to 100 figures


GW065A The Orderly: An Allied clerk takes 2 minutes out from typing out orders as he takes a drag from his cigarette.


GW064B The Aussie Footballer: Daniel Minogue was an Aussie rules footballer who played for Collingwood prior to enlisting in 1915. He survived the war and went on to coach 5 Clubs, a reco...


GW064A The Footballer: Albert 'Ben' Butler was in the Pals Battalion the 17th Middlesex which was known as the First Footballers Battalion. He played professional for Reading & Queens...