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World Of Darkness

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It's a story that begins with death -- with your death. Why did the Reaper reach out for you before your time? Why was it that you fell between the cracks? Do you remember the...


Signs of the Moon , a new book for World of Darkness and Werewolf: the Forsaken , includes: Chapters devoted to each of the five auspices. In each, you'll find in-characte...


Secrets of the Grave They are the silent majority. Legions of the dead, lining the banks of Stygian rivers. And in those depths of the Underworld, horrific things long dead stir —...


The Fear-Maker’s Promise Compendium™ This SAS compilation for Changeling: The Lost takes the players’ characters into the weirdly fantastic realm of the Hedge,...


Your city is carved into pieces You can look out over the city and see what you want to see. Maybe you see the bright lights, and it gives you hope. Maybe you see the tall b...