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Infinity: Campaign Paradiso

Publisher: Corvus Belli
$60.00 for 1

175 years into the future. The fate of the Human Sphere will be decided on Paradiso. Whatever happens on this planet will determine the future of Humanity.

The awakening of the mysterious technology of the Cosmolites on Paradiso has provoked a desperate race amongst the different powers of the Human Sphere, as well as their enemies in the Combined Army, to take possession of its secrets.

However, the unexpected appearance of a new race, the Tohaa, introduces a new element to the equation. Is this advanced civilization, engaged in a war of attrition against the Combined Army for many years, a new ally for Mankind in its fight against the Combined Army, or are their intentions not entirely selfless? What secrets are the Tohaa hiding? And, what is their relationship with the Cosmolites and the history of Paradiso?

Confronted by the menace of the Evolved Intelligence and its alien Combined Army, getting more powerful by the day, ALEPH, the human AI, has been authorized to deploy the Assault Subsection, the steel phalanx of Achilles and his Myrmidons. Is this a ray of hope to light humanity’s darkest hour. or just the next step in Aleph's plans to control the Human Sphere?

Infinity: Campaign Paradiso delves into the history of the Infinity universe, revealing ancient secrets and dark conspiracies that shed new light on past events, changing the present of the game and opening new pathways to the future.

Connect now and lead your elite force through daring special operations in the most intense and dangerous combat areas of the Paradiso system!