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Muskets and Tomahawks Rulebook

Publisher: Studio Tomahawk
$75.00 for 1

On the 28th May 1754 a French diplomatic mission is ambushed by a party of Virginian militia, led by a young officer called George Washington. During the ensuing skirmish the French leader, the Sieur de Jumonville is killed, and this incident sets the world aflame.

For three decades the North American continent became the battleground of the major European powers. The American colonies became the focus for the rivalries of France and Great Britain, with the native Indians being used as mere pawns during this struggle. This conflict would only end with the birth of a newly independent and sovereign nation, the United States of America.

Muskets and Tomahawks is a skirmish miniatures game that recreates these small engagements, known as "Little Wars", that were fought during the conflicts of the 18th century: the French & Indian Wars, the Pontiac Uprising, the War of Dunmore and the American Revolution.

This rulebook contains everything needed to start playing: the rules, a scenario generator that will bring your games to life, an exhaustive list of the troops involved in the wars, and a point system to balance the forces involved. Only around 20 figures are needed to start playing.

This book comes complete with a 45 card deck to be used with Muskets and Tomahawks.