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Napoleon At War Rulebook

Publisher: Man At War
$50.00 for 1

At the beginning of the 19th Century, war was a serious matter; monarchies, budding new nations and new forms of government tore at Europe's economic and political fabric for two decades. Conscription was constant. Larger and larger armies clashed on battlefields across the Old Continent, led by noblemen, princes, aristocrats or heroes emerging from the ranks. Put yourself at the head of an army and become the nobleman or hero accomplishing the mission you have been assigned. You have at your disposal enormous masses of infantry, fast-moving cavalry formations and powerful cannons, backed up by elite forces and legendary warriors. You will have to make quick and daring decisions, take advantage of the favorable positions and terrain features the battlefield has to offer, all to defeat your adversary and obey the orders sent by your superiors.

In Napoleon at War, you command your forces, the size of a division, and try to accomplish your assigned mission in a game played on a gaming table, with an array of magnificently painted miniatures, while a good friend at the other side of the table, tries to thwart your efforts and crush your forces.

To play Napoleon at War, you will need:

First of all, an army, organized according to one of the Campaign Manuals, and made up of a good number of 18mm Napoleon at War miniatures.

The rules, all in this book.

An adversary, since the game is for two or more players.

A battlefield, consisting of a flat surface on which you can place terrain features to represent important terrain features such as woods, villages, hills… of the type that can be found anywhere in Europe.

A measuring tape and a good number of dice. Typical six-sided dice, or D6s as they are commonly known.

With Napoleon at War, you can recreate important battles of the Napoleonic Wars in your own living room. You can command a terrible division of French Cuirassiers or a firm red line of determined British infantry. Which is your favourite army?

In this book, you will find all the rules you need to recreate historic battles in miniature.