Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion – Friends Like These

As operatives in the Rebel Alliance, you are committed to doing what’s right. Not just what’s right for you, your family, or your fellow Rebels, but what’s right for the entire galaxy, and all the peoples and planets within it—even if you have to sacrifice your life in the act. So when Alliance High Command sends you a message commanding you to help out Alliance allies on a planet in the Outer Rim, you don’t think twice. You answer the call.

Friends Like These, the next adventure supplement for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game, takes your team of Rebels to Xorrn, a planet under threat of imminent Imperial attack. Once you arrive, you have 48 hours to organize the defenses and recruit military support from nearby systems. But from the moment you first arrive on Xorrn, you’ll discover that in this area of the galaxy, it’s impossible to know who your real friends are, and that strategy and morals don’t always go hand in hand. In this battle, even the cleanest military victory might come at a terrible price. 

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