Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion – Lead By Example

Without strong and capable leaders, the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire would never have become more than the guerrilla efforts of scattered and disorganized cells. Good commanders are necessary for the Rebellion to grow and succeed, but managing a Rebel cell, starfighter squadron, or capital ship is not easy. It requires a vast and unique range of skills, from the ability to earn others’ trust to an innate understanding of military strategy.

Lead by Example sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion offers Commanders the tools they need to guide their teams to victory and offers Game Masters the options they need to support Commander characters. This stunningly-illustrated 96-page career supplement does much more than introduce new Commander specializations and Signature Abilities. It features rules for staging cinematic mass combat scenarios, expanded guidelines for using Duty in your roleplaying sessions, and even a detailed catalog of military decorations for your fearless, dedicated Rebels to aspire to earn.

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