Product Details

This year’s Battle Pack Starfoil cards have a new foil pattern. This increases collectability, because only the cards in this product will be available with this new pattern.
The rares in this set will have black foil names, the same as Battle Pack 1.
The big set size as well as the parallel rares together with the low price provides a big incentive for repeat purchase.
The set is designed with Sealed Pack play in mind (example of sealed format with the Battle Pack: 8 packs mean a card pool of 40 cards, the player builds a 20 card deck out of this card pool).
All cards in the set are chosen specifically for their usability in this format. For example this means that cards that have specific requirements so that they can be played are not included.It also means that some cards that are on the Forbidden List for normal tournament play are included in the set. This offers players a chance to get their hands on these otherwise unavailable cards and play with them in a fun environment.
The Battle Pack contains some powerful tournament level cards that are in high demand at the moment.

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