Catacombs & Castles

Catacombs & Castles is a standalone dexterity tabletop game featuring both competitive and cooperative play modes, set in the land of Tellaryth.

  • Courageous castle defenders engage mighty heroes from the Catacomb in team based, dexterity battles
  • Teams flick their way to victory using ranged attacks including fireballs, shurikens and longbows
  • Large wood blocks complement the game board’s artwork creating an innovative 3D playscape
  • Heroes and game board are compatible with Catacombs Third Edition
  • Features one double-sided game board, 56 cards, 50 wooden pieces and more

Team Mode (up to eight players), features teams of heroes representing the Catacomb forces versus those from the Castle in a fast paced, dexterity battle.
Boss Mode (up to four players), enables players to command a team of heroes to defeat a powerful Catacomb or Castle Lord, controlled by their opponent.

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