Conan: Kushite Witch Hunters

“With a fierce cry Valerius’s sword was sheathed in her breast with such fury that the point sprang out between her shoulders. With an awful shriek the witch sank down, writhing in convulsions, grasping at the naked blade as it was withdrawn, smoking and dripping.”
     –Robert E. Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born

The Overlord gains more of both swords and sorcery with the Kushite Witch Hunters collection for Conan. Its four distinctive miniatures, each of which comes with its corresponding unit tile, allow you to push the heroes to their limits with powerful spells and precision strikes.

The sorcerous Shubba wields the power of magic. Skilled warriors Shafiah and Ghayoor strike your foes with deadly precision. And the powerful Afari makes the heroes pay dearly for their insolence when he retaliates with a series of deadly counterattacks. Taken altogether, these units introduce a wide range of new abilities, and their distinctive miniatures immerse you deeper in the game’s Hyborian adventures.

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