Deathwatch – Chaplain

Roaring praise to the Emperor, a Chaplain of the Deathwatch excels in inspiring the already-elite Space Marines around him to ever-greater feats of heroism. Few have greater faith in the Emperor and Mankind’s inalienable right to rule the stars than the Deathwatch, and a Kill Team cannot fail to be caught up in the ecstatic fervour and sheer conviction of a Chaplain’s bellowed rhetoric. His crozius arcanum lashes out to crush xenos skulls in displays of blazing vengeance, deflecting counter-attacks and splitting armour as if it were tin. Nobody watching a Deathwatch Chaplain in action can deny that the power of the Imperium is very real, and utterly deadly.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble one Deathwatch Chaplain. In the kit you’ll find a Space Marines Chaplain, plus a Deathwatch Upgrade Frame – this contains 10 Space Marine shoulder pads and 2 Terminator Armour shoulder pads with Deathwatch insignia, a Sergeant chest plate, 2 variant helmets, a power sword, a small backpack icon and 2 large vehicle icons, meaning you’ll have plenty of spare bits with which to assemble your perfect Kill Team!

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