Deathwatch – Vanguard Veterans

Specialising in pinpoint assaults – invaluable to the extreme threats the Deathwatch face – Vanguard Veterans hurtle from the skies with jet turbines screaming. Some choose to leap across the battlefield in great bounds, closing in on the foe in seconds, others prefer to strike directly from the bay of an overhead Corvus Blackstar, penetrating the heart of an enemy force instantly. Once there, they use their weapons – each Vanguard Veteran has his preference, and is utterly deadly with his choice – to rend and destroy with an almost surreal efficiency.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble 5 Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans. You’ll receive a Vanguard Veteran Squad, plus a Deathwatch Upgrade Frame – this contains 10 Space Marine shoulder pads and 2 Terminator Armour shoulder pads with Deathwatch insignia, a Sergeant chest plate, 2 variant helmets, a power sword, a small backpack icon and 2 large vehicle icons, meaning you’ll have plenty of spare bits with which to assemble your perfect Kill Team!

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