Musket & Pike Dual Pack

In one box, you will get the first two volumes of the MPBS including:

  • Two additional battles for This Accursed Civil War: Cheriton 1644 and Cropredy Bridge 1644. Both battles were in designer Ben Hull’s original Desk Top Published version, with Cheriton 1644 appearing later in C3i. The Edgehill 1642 variant from Gustav Adolf the Great will be included as well.
  • For all battles, infantry and cavalry units will not be shared between battles for ease of setup and storage.
  • The battle specific cards introduced in Saints in Armor with be provided with Turn Track, Victory Conditions, Dead and Pursuit boxes to improve their utility (5 back printed cards)
  • The This Accursed Civil War Playbook will be brought up to the current series standard for ease of use.
  • Orders of battle and maps will be updated to reflect the latest scholarship.
  • Last but not least: the counters will feature formation icons requested by so many players over the years!
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