The year is 1892. The bank at Repentance Springs has been robbed. Many good citizens, including Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and school-marm Sue Daggett, were brutally slain as the gang shot its way, whooping and holering, out of town.

Colonel Ned McReady and his men are tasked with bringing Jack Colty – a man so mean he’d steal a fly from a blind spider, or a coin off a dead man’s eyes – and the Colty gang to justice.

Revolver is a non-collectible card game set in the Old West. One player takes the role of Colonel Ned McReady and his lawmen, and his opponent assumes control of the notorious and deadly Colty gang, lead by the infamous Jack Colty. Each player has his own deck with different cards and abilities. Both players have different goals to win the game: the Colonel must take down all of the Colty gang, and Jack must either escape over the Mexican Border or survive and make the 3:15 Train out of Rattlesnake Station during the final battle!

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