Romolo o Remo?
Central Italy around year 753 B.C.: Many new villages have been founded in the region of Latium. This land is prosperous and a strong city here can easily control the trades between the Etruscan cities of the North and the Greek colonies of the South.

The two grandsons of the King of Albalonga, the twins Romolo and Remo, descendants of Enea of Troy, don’t want to miss the opportunity to dominate the region and, acting against each other, try to establish two cities close to the Tiber river. Their venture is not easy: also the king of Antemnae and the King of Crustumerium will fight to dominate the zone! Which one will prevail?

In Romolo o Remo? players act as Kings of the new cities in the Latium and have to compete with each other in order to gain the control of the whole Region. Who will be able to build the strongest city? Who will be the founder of a new civilization, or maybe of an Empire?
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