T’au Empire: Tidewall Rampart

An enormous mobile fortification, with enough firepower to see off entire squadrons of enemy tanks, the Tidewall Rampart is an awesome demonstration of the advanced tech and forward-thinking of the T’au Empire. Central to this strongpoint is the Tidewall Gunrig; a twin-linked railgun that scans constantly for enemies, discharging ammunition at incredible velocities to obliterate anything that moves. The Droneport collects and collates data to optimise the killing potential of the Gunrig, and the networked AI actively boosts the energy barrier produced by the Shieldline – enemy fire is simply turned back upon the foe.

This amazing multi-part plastic kit contains everything needed to build a Tidewall Rampart; the mobile fortress and defensive bastion of the T’au Empire. In it, you’ll get a Tidewall Gunrig, a Tidewall Droneport (with four drones, built as gun, marker or shield drones) and two Tidewall Shieldlines. Designed to be entirely modular, with many different configurations out of the box, this piece of scenery is limited only by your imagination! Includes full rules for deploying in games of Warhammer 40,000.

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