Terran Alliance Heavy Armour Helix

Terran Alliance Military Commanders rely on their Heavy Helixes to smash holes in enemy lines… no subtle tactics, just raw crushing power.

At the heart of this boxed set is the massive Try Heavy Tank, which uses uses the same chassis as the Vidar Heavy Tank, but has been equipped with the powerful Legacy Laser, the same Laser found on the Terran Odin Class Leviathan.

This vehicle is supported by three fast and deadly Baldr Tank Hunters and two Ullr Specialist Tanks, which can be fitted with either Shield Generators or Shrike Rotor AA Cannons.

  • 1 Tyr Heavy Tank
  • 3 Baldr Tank Hunters
  • 2 Ullr Specialist Tanks
  • 1 Medium Bunker (exact design may vary)
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