The Directorate Core Helix

The Core Helix forms the basis of a fighting force in Firestorm Planetfall. Inside this box you will find a Directorate Core Helix from which a ground force can be assembled.

The Directorate’s planetside armed strength is a closely-guarded secret, but the corporate armies, known as Planetary Pacification Divisions (P.D.Ds) are well-equipped, very flexible, capable of handling any mission from savage raids to massed battles, and armed with some of the deadliest and most advanced weapons humanity has ever produced.

  • 1 Desolator Heavy Tank
  • 3 Retaliator Medium Tanks
  • 5 Informer Light Buggy Squadrons
  • 2 Trojan Medium Specialist Tanks
  • 1 Intruder Combat Personnel Carrier
  • 6 Patriot Infantry Bases
  • 1 Medium Bunker (exact design may vary)
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