The Directorate Firepower Leviathan Helix

The Wraith cuts a solitary figure as it drifts across the battlefields of a myriad of world in the Firestorm Galaxy. At a glance the huge flying Leviathan might seem to be lightly armed, but nothing could be further from the truth. Using a combination of underslung plasma cannons and flamethrowers, the offensive potential of the Wraith is more than a match for any other Leviathan on the battlefield.

However, it is through its tactical flexibility that the Wraith proves its true worth in the heat of battle. Mounted within its superstructure is a transported Armoured Personnel Carrier – the Haunter. The Haunter performs two roles for the Directorate: firstly, it acts as a transport that can safely bring in a powerful cadre of Patriot Light Infantry who have been organised into what is known as a Grand Company. Secondly, the Haunter emits a powerful short range radio transmission that interfaces with nearby Directorate Infantry via a neural link, making them even more aggressive and bloodthirsty in battle!

Upon delivering its payload, the Haunter moves to a position of relative safety to continue its broadcast, bringing the nearby Directorate troops to a point of battlefield frenzy. The Grand Companies of the Directorate are far larger than their standard Patriot Cadres, and are frequently sent into battle-zones where the fighting is expected to be especially fierce. Attrition is expected and factored by Directorate Commanders.

  • 1 Wraith Class Leviathan
  • 1 Haunter Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • 8 Patriot Infantry Bases
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