The Directorate Heavy Armour Helix

This Heavy Helix brings a mix of pain to the enemy with lose range killing power and aerial menace. Rather than the Surge Weapon usually associated with most Heavy Crawlers, the Directorate’s Castigator relies on its Heavy Pacifier Cannon, a punishing plasma weapon designed to place the enemy under a torrent of fire. It is supported by the Judgement Plasma Cannons of the latest variant of Avenger Tank Hunters, and one of the most interesting weapons in a Directorate Heavy Helix; the Stalker Crawler, which houses a Punisher Drone that can be launched to provide the squadron with a Nexus Designator. The Punisher can then land back on the Stalker if the battle heats up and launch later in an engagement if desired. The Stalker & Punisher also serve to add more CQB potential to the squadron.

  • 1 Castigator Heavy Crawler
  • 3 Avenger Tank Destroyers
  • 1 Stalker Medium Crawler (with Punisher Drones)
  • 1 Medium Bunker (exact design may vary)
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