U.S. Navy Destroyer DD412 Hammann 1/700

The Yorktown’s Faithful Protector
The USS Hammann (DD412) was commissioned in August 1939, the fourth ship in the 1,500-ton Sims class of destroyers. Her hull had a raised sheer strake to protect from higher waves, while the use of a single funnel allowed a large area at the stern for her impressive ordnance. She was equipped with four 12.7cm guns, four single 12.7mm machine guns and eight torpedo tubes. After rescuing survivors of the stricken aircraft carrier USS Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942, the Hammann screened another aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, in the Battle of Midway in June of that year. While attempting to salvage the Yorktown, which had been badly damaged by Japanese aircraft, she was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-168, and swiftly sank. She received two battle stars for her service in two major naval battles of WWII.

About the Model
★1/700 scale plastic model assembly kit. ★Length: 151mm. ★The form of the ship including raised sheer strake is faithfully reproduced by the one-piece hull. ★Ordnance is recreated with fine attention to detail, including the ship’s 12.7cm guns, 53.3cm torpedo tubes, depth charge tracks, and 12.7mm single machine guns. ★Also features auxiliary equipment such as stern deck lifeboats and funnel-side cutters, in addition to Mk. 37 gun fire control system, mast and more. ★This model omits the portion of the hull below the waterline to enable it to be displayed as if it were at sea.

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