Vampire the Masquerade: Chicago by Night
Only At Night Do the Dead Come Out
No other city so dangerously on the edge of chaos. No other city so desperately overcrowded. No other city so divided. No other city so torn by its conflicts. Chicago’s streets are coated with the blood of those who have been destroyed in its ancient war, and soon the flames will raze it yet again. The plots and schemes of the Immortals of this metropolis will always enmesh the unwary or the foolish. Trust no one – not even yourself. Then the Jyhad Doth Rage.
Chicago by Night includes:

  • Descriptions of most of the Kindred inhabitants of Chicago – 70 powerful characters in all.
  • A chapter on the “real” history of Chicago.
  • Detailed maps of the city and a complete geography chapter.
  • A number of innovative “character interaction” charts used to define the relationships between these immortals.
  • Over one hundred encounters, organized by theme, which provide you a means to make the setting come alive for your players.
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